Developing a new approach …

SmartBuild™ is an award-winning solution that is redefining the traditional approach to home building.   Our highly-trained teams supported by innovative design, management and production processes help us build more efficiently and to exacting standards.  Put simply, SmartBuild™ develops quality homes for less money whilst also creating sustainable employment and training opportunities.  Our unique approach to development adopts best practice from around the world driving our relentless quest for continuous improvement in all that we do.

The SmartBuild™ philosophy is based on three core principles:

Doing the right things

Adopting a new and innovative approach that employs modern methods of construction, efficient, collaborative processes and local resourcing to deliver enhanced economic reinvestment into the local community.

Doing things right

Applying a manufacturing mindset to the whole development process focusing on continuous improvement and reducing process waste and non-productive / non-value adding cost throughout the project lifecycle.

Learning and improving

Undertaking continuous review and challenge to ensure that our people and our processes continue to develop and improve over time.

The SmartBuild concept was born out of a desire to do different things and do them better.  In effect, reinventing the traditional approach to housing from the ground up.  We are keen proponents of Lean Construction and take an active part in the Lean Construction Institute UK at a local level.

We are not tied to any particular build system, but are keen advocates of Modern Methods of Construction (MMC).  SmartBuild was one of the first companies in the UK to embrace Building Information Modelling (BIM) on a housing project on an innovative scheme undertaken in partnership with Plus Dane Housing.

SmartBuild worked alongside Plus Dane’s in-house team equipping them with modern methods, processes and the skills required to build high-quality new homes more efficiently. This ultimately led to the construction and handover of three defect free properties to happy customers just 20 weeks after starting on site.  Plus Dane’s fabulous video capturing the experiences of their team during the pilot can be seen here.